All airsoft weapons and rubber knives are authorized with limitations described bellow. Hit by a weapon wounds if not stated otherwise.
Knife kill has to be „real“ and takes several seconds. For example, it is not possible to „shoulder knock“ 3 players in one second. Knife kill is lethal, it kills insantly.
Wounded person knife kill is allowed.

Airsoft guns

It is strictly prohibited to shoot where the shooter has no direct visibility, for example over the wall or behind the corner.

AEG rules and limits

Maximum power

Minimum distance


HPA, gas and manual guns rules and limits

Maximum power

Minimum distance


bellow 10 meters 130 m/s - Low/Mid bellow 10 meters 1,7 Joule - Low/Mid
full auto rifle/smg  160 m/s 10m Low/Mid full auto rifle/smg  2,5 Joule 10m Low/Mid
full auto machine gun 160 m/s 10m Hi-cap full auto machine gun 2,5 Joule 10m Hi-cap
sniper rifle 180 m/s 20m Low/Mid sniper rifle 3 Joule 20m Low/Mid

All HPA regulators have to be equipped with tournament lock approved at the registration on site. After the event is over it is required to show your unbroken seal at the registration on site.
Weapons over 130 m/s (AEG) or 1,7 Joule (HPA) it is mandatory to carry and use secondary weapon up to 130 m/s (AEG) or 1,7 Joule (HPA) Weapons over 130 m/s (AEG) or 1,7 Joule (HPA) are not allowed at CQB (inside buildings, bases, villages) Weapons over 130 m/s (AEG) or 1,7 Joule (HPA) are allowed when shooting out of the buildings, bases or villages when the target is in a minimum distance required (10 or 20 meters) Weapons up to 130 m/s (AEG) or 1,7 Joule (HPA) are mandatory with SAFE GUN band
Weapons over 130 m/s (AEG) or 1,7 Joule (HPA) are mandatory with STRONG GUN band
Meassuring is done with 0,20g BBs (AEG)
Meassuring is done with 0,36g BBs (HPA, Gas, Manual spring loaded), for sniper rifles its with 0,45g
Maximum BBs weight is 0,36g, with sniper rifles up to 0,45g
Approved machine guns - RPK, PKM, MG36, M60, M249, M240, M2
Approved sniper rifles - bolt-action single shot rifle, gas-operated single shot rifle + these these sniper rifles – PSG-1, SVD, SR-25, HK417/G-28. All these rifles are allowed to shoot semi only and have to be equipped with optical sights
Shotgun with non-lethal effect is a shotgun with barrel taped by blue ductape with stunning effect with no Weapon certificate necessary. This shotgun is available to ISAF, ANA, ANP or the Governor´s guard.
Stunned person has to lay down on the ground with hands behind his head a with a reflective vest over his face. Stun is 5 minutes if not stated otherwise and stunned person is not allowed to perform any aktivity (as unscocious).

All AEG, HPA and long manual guns have to be choroned at the registration and marked by SAFE / STRONG GUN band.

Paintball guns

Paintball guns are used to destroy vehicles or defensive positions (tower, gate, etc.).
Number of paintball guns in-game will be limited, every paintball gun to be used in-game will be marked by RPG certificated, distributed by party commanders (e.g. ISAF CO, village elder).
Paintball guns ammunition will be limited and distributed by ORGs only. Do not bring your own ammunition, you will not be allowed to use it !
Paintball weapon means any airsoft singleshot non-repeating grenade launcher for paintball ammunition (underslung, RPG built-in, self-carried, mounted). Automatic grenade launcher is allowed in case it has a real original (e.g. revolver grenade launcher). Under no circumstances is allowed to use standard paintball gun only.


It is strictly prohibited to hold and carry other guns than airsoft guns at the AIRSOFTAWARS z.s. events.
Especially guns of categories A, B, C described in the Firearms Law 119/2002 Sb. Are prohibited.
In category D guns, according to above mentioned law, are allowed airsoft gas guns only.
If there are pyrotechnics allowed at a specific event., only gas operated items are allowed. Only accoustic ammunition is allowed in such cases. Application of other types of ammunition like tear gas artridge sis forbidden.
Guns delaborated according to the same law (innactive ammunition) is allowed.

Cold weapons

For safety reasons and to limit possible confusion of real and fake knifes it is not allowed to carry knifes with fixed blade visible with fake rubber knifes exception.
Folded knifes and multitools are allowed. Knifes with fixed blade and machetes are allowed as tools, and not allowed to be used in-game, carried not visible only.