Death and Refresh

Equipment over body contour hit is not valid (bagpack side hit)
Friendly fire hit is valid
Ricochet hit is not valid
Weapon hit is not valid


Every hit by a single round or a full round causes Wound. Wounded player calls HIT and remains on spot for next 5 minutes. Wounded player roleplays wound and is not allowed to perform any activity, still he can talk in-game talk with other players. Wounded player can be dragged away. Wounded player Dies if not treated within 5 minutes. If hit while being treated again wounded player dies.


Dead player remains on spot until the end of firefight and marks himself by a reflective vest or panel. During that time he can be pocket search for intel, Weapon certificate or other in-game objects. After the firefight is over he leaves the area to specific home location. Refresh timer is 6 hours if not stated otherwise by other rules and bonuses. Refresh timer starts by the time of player´s Death, not by the time of home location arrival. Dead player is allowed to be in home location wihout reflective elements, and plays a civilian with no right to interfere with the game. If hit again during this time he Dies immediately wihout a possibility of being Treated. Original refresh timer is not affected by this event..


Combat medic is designated and properly labeled member of armed forces. Medic is also a civilian medical personel who is designated and properly labeled or who is trained during the game according to rules. Both combat medic and medic has to be labeled according to standard military regulations or local customs. Number of combat medics / medics is limited. Medic can Treat and in a hospital also Heal any player, medic itself can be Treated and Healed by another medic only.

Osetreni 1Osetreni 2Osetreni 3


Hit player has to be Treated within 5 minutes of hit. Treating can be provided by combat medic only. Treating has to be done on a body part that was hit only and full pack of bandage has to be used. Combat medic can use other player´s pack of bandage. A potable liquid in a form of 0.25 – 0.3 liter bottle has to be provided by combat medic to a hit player during Treatment. Treated player is Bandaged and is allowed to proceed with further wihout any limitations except the fact he has to get to a hospital in 1 hour to get a proper Healing. Otherwise he Dies with no further Treatment possible.

Example of proper treatment


HEALING (only applies at Protector event)

Healing is provided by a hospital, Bandaged player has to stay in for 1 hour. During that period of time he is not allowed to perform any activity. After 1 hour he is able to retur to duty. If Healing is interrupted or player hit again player Dies and no further Treatment or Healing is possible. At least one medic has to run the hospital to keep it operational.

Hospital 1Hospital 2Hospital 3