Personal Eye System (PES)

pes0PES (Personal Eye System) is navi and command app designated for data and position sharing with other devices. PES is based on original proffesional military, security and emergency agencies and other groups where navi, tracking and data sharing is necessary. Like airsoft. System has been developer by retired soldiers as a replacement of „just GPS“, alternative to paper maps and an extension of smartphone. So it´s quite an interesting device.
PES works with Androidy only and requires GPS and other to reach the operational status. Every connected device realtime position is shared with other connected devices using free online maps (Google, Yahoo, etc.) or even using own offline maps to cut data consumption, and that´s our case. Such map preparation is not a tough one still you need to advanced knowledge in cartography and some IT skills too. But then the map is just great and helps a lot to keep the system operational.
PES needs active data connection to get connected, otherwise it will not work online just offline. You can have active data connection but still you can´t get connected. That´s mostly because low network signal. But do not have fear – all the data are stored in your smartphone and after you reach better network coverage all the stored data are sent to server and other connected devices. So you all know all about everything … 😊 even with bad network. You can send in-app messages, you can share your position, you can also share POIs and tracks, vital details and so on. Since the systém comes from official military BES (Battle Eye System) it uses NATO symbols.


We the Airsoftwars joined the app in 2012. We saw great tommorow in airsoft. And we invested a lot to maitain large fleet of our own devices, total number is somewhere to 25 devices. We decided to supply every platoon leader with at least one device at our events and we also allow players to get connected with their own devices. There is like 50 devices connected at one time, like in 2014 at Protector XI. event. We keep it working …. 😊


Do you want to bring your own PES device with and get connected ? You need an Android device (4.2.2 or better), integrated of external GPS modul, active data, valid license (we provide our licenses on site anyway). And will to use of course because without your help the systém will never work properly. Pay attention to energy because the GPS and data eats.
How does the synchronization works and what´s new – usually you set up a timer how often the device synchronizes, earlier versions options were quite limited but now with the latest version you can set it to even one second. And that´s nice, especially when driving a vehicle.


PES na velitelské konzoli

Original devs is MilSistemika frome Slovenia and we the Airsoftwars were amognst beta testers. Now the development is finished and we are waiting for new version, so let´s all stay tuned.

So what´s next ?

PES is a great app with minimum requirements and costs. But to make it working properly every user has to understand it and properly and actively use it. Try it by yourself and you will see.

text: Igor 

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