A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically portray their characters. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules or determined by consensus among players.
In-game and off-game – every person and every object inside the game area is in-game if not stated otherwise by these rules or by the ORG/CREW.
Role play – in case you become part of an in-game setting you don´t know you are to follow instructions of your counterpart, or follow the rules and respecting safety.
In-game objects important for in-game mechanics - in case participant doesn´t know specific rule for such marked in-game object the it is not allowed to manipulate with it not even hide it. It is only allowed to destroy it according rules (e.g. drug lab).
Pocket search (under threat, dead body) is being performed by standard way. In case that person doesn´t want to be pocket searched the person is required to reveal all in-game objects. Building search and vehicle search can be done only with the occupant/owner presence. Again, in case occupant/owner doesn´t want to allow physical search of the property it is mandatory to reveal all in-game objects. Public building search can be performed anytime with respect to these rules.
Detention is performed either standard way (restraining or other ways of mobility limitations) and then the detained person is acting like detained (escape is possible). In case a person doesnt want to be detained by the standard way and declares „I refuse being detained / Stop“ the detention is only indicated. Such detained person has to follow captors´ orders and is not allowed to attempt an escape. Every detained person can be moved, inprisoned or interrogated. Detention can take 2 hours top and detention is not allowed to be repetetive withou a reason. When it comes to real detention both parties have to pay attention to own and others safety (!).
In-game object´s destruction (incl. weapon and equipment) is performed by taping the object with white ductape. Repairing of such destroyed object takes the same time as home location refresh time, if not stated otherwise.
Interrogation is possible with detained person only. Three questions can be asked and detained person has to answer. One answer may be (but doesn´t have to be) a lie, two answers have to be truth (regardless consequences). If detained person doesn´t know true answer a lie may be used (in case he has not lied already) or an answer „ I do not know true answer“ should be said, the question is then answered.
Ostracization is one of the most exceptional in-game punishments for residents in case of rendering a major treating against the village (usually in contradiciton to loyalty), it´s awarded in-game based on a court decision (and with the ORG approval). Ostracized player has to move his dwelling to another designated village.


LARP oriented weapon rules

Weapons free to use – short manual handguns (pistols) and short gas handguns (pistols) with limitations according to local government act.
Weapons with Weapon certificates – every other gun has to be equipped by Weapon Certificate (not the same like permission to carry gun). Shotguns has an exception, details described bellow.
Weapon certificate is an ID band (armlet) obtainable in-game. Weapon´s certificate is a standard in-game object universal for all weapons. When applied to a weapon (best place is a barrel), then the weapon is functional (in-game usable). Weapon´s certificate can be taken off the weapon by anyone (from dead or unscocisous persons, handing over is mandatory).
In case when the gun is being used as a secondary gun it is not necessary to use additional Weapon certificate with it.
Maximum number of Weapon certificates carried is 4.
Weapons without Weapon certificate – it is considered incomplete (parts) and is forbidden to be used in combat nor in-game. Incomplete weapon can still be destroyed and it needs to be repaired afterwards prior in-game usage (with applied Weapon certificate). Weapon or any other equipment like NVG, handy or so destruction is performed according to these rules.
Civilian/villager can get also a long gun during the game. It is possible to buy a gun at a trafficker or by drug business or by accomplishing all taks within „5 pillars of faith“ or by cutting Weapon certificates off long guns of fallen enemies together with an ammount of in-game currency. It is represented by a wooden model of gun which is incomplete and unable of fire. It is necessary to bring that wooden model to his village (home location) and hand over to village´ elder in exchange for Weapon certificate. It has to be applied with own airsoft gun available then to be used in-game. However Afghan law prohibits carrying the gun with permission to legally carry gun both short handguns (pistols) or long guns. Gun owner with no permission to legally carry gun may be sanctioned by local forces. Illegal carry of short handgun (pistol) is a minor offense while carrying of long gun is a crime.
In a reasonable case it is possible to ask the Governor for permission to carry gun. Application is handled by governor´s office and application screen is provided by ANP which screens application reasons, applicant and carries out applicant´s examination. Final word in application approval posses the Governor. Persmission describes the type of the gun (short handgun or long handgun, concealed carry or not).