CQB rules in our case means lone buildings, tents, bases, camps and villages.
Weapons over 130 m/s (AEG) or 1,7 Joule (HPA) are not allowed at CQB

It is possible to destroy the base defense tower or other object defense tower by 1 hit in defined zone for a period of 1 hour. Tower crew shuts down tower lights and leaves the tower for that period.

It is also possible to destroy and open the base gate or other object gate by 3 hits in defined zone for a period of 1 hour. This way destroyed gate can be open by ORG/GAMEMASTER only.

You can also destroy the base itself using the horn marked by flag inside the base. Horn can be used only when the base gate is destroyed. After the base is destroyed by the use of that horn the base is off for 6 hours while this period can be decreased by in-game mechanics.

Protective wall – wire fences and geotextile fences (bases, stations, etc.) are allowed to be adjusted during the construction and prior the event start only, e.g. it is not allowed to cut foxholes during the game time. It is forbidden to do any damages (cutting) and to do any abuse of its technical solution (take off, lift up, ram through, crawl udneretc.). Hit through protective wall is valid nevertheless it is strictly forbidden to shoot through these walls. Every attempt to breach the wall by real force is only allowed when the ORG is on site overseeing the attempt itself. Construction of all walls/fences over the height of 100cm has to be approved by the ORG prior the event start.

In the tents and out of the tents is forbidden to perform any combat activity.