Protector XXI. - El Protector - 14-17.8.2024




el protector 2022 228Dear friends and coplayers, the game builds on the previous year and we bring you the continuation of El Protector 2024 - Mexico Unido, again on the border of the USA and Mexico. This year will be crucial, each of you will be able to influence the future not only of your village or cartel, but of the whole Mexico with your vote and help to install one of the candidates from last year as "El Presidente". The election will be a jolly joker on the deck of all game opportunities, which can create many alliances between candidates and factions, unleash wild "verbal" skirmishes in a moderated public debate, or perhaps even change the influence of foreign countries in an otherwise beautiful Mexico.

Because the game is created by you, the players, who write the history of our Mexico, we have responded flexibly to the development of events of last year, and new game mechanics, new locations and regions, raw materials and many other possibilities are entering the game, opening up legal and illegal opportunities for everyone to flourish and track own game goals. The economy has shifted this year, and once again inflation has come into play, when banknotes from the previous year are still valid but have less value. Heroin and Cocaine is already such a Mexican classic, however, one of the new interesting profits are, for example, thirsty avocado plantations.

El Paso is no longer just an empty wasteland, it is now inhabited by migrant workers from the Mexican village of Ciudad de Asmar who have decided to get rich in the US. The city is full of gambling, petty traders, where you can get everything from better vehicles to exclusive drinks at the local bar. The whole event will culminate on Saturday with the elections in Ciudad Juarez, where the new president of Mexico will be elected!

A bit of script history...

IMG 20220110 110358 XIMG 20220110 110358 X

Mexico, Ciudad Juarez, 2006

Situation in the region is chaotic, country has serious troubles with corruption, drug cartels, violence and powerty. Mexican government and president of the country declared war – new special detachments within the boundaries of Ciduad Juarez are organized, the Policia Federál and Policia Municipal. City is now under siege with heavy clashes between security forces and drug cartels every day to restore order, elimiate violence and improve well being of citizens.
This special approach is strongly supported by the US government and after vital negotiations between the two countries Mexico granted full operation mandate to DEA and CIA on mexican soil. Rumors are there are also US SOF covered by the mandate. US administration actively cooperated with mexican government to reach drug cartels with undercover agents so they were able to limit drugs smuggling (DEA) and weapons from States to Mexico (CIA). Also US Border Patrol was significantly reinforced both in jurisdiction and ranks. Support also grew in largest american state of Texas.
Despite all the efforts of security forces of both american states there was pike increase of violence resulting in decrease of local population quality of life which led to increase of sympathisers with then powerfull cartels.
Nevertheless, development and involvement of United States marked the onset of change in former order for next decade.
G.W.Bush, the Wartime president, is now in control of the US administration and since the ongoing War on Terror his possibilities of financing are unlimited..

800px DEA badge CiStock 913549340

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 2009

Three years of fighting between mexican security forces suppored by US personel brought bitter and bloody success. In June 2009 combined mexican and american forces managed to detain leaders of two biggest cartels. This long awaited and need victory is also celebrated by texan group called Texas Rednecks.
Detained Joaquin Guzman from Sinaloa and Miguel Tervíno from Los Zetas were court-marshalled and given death penalty. Both cartels suffered huge by security forces assaults and activities and lost immersive quantity of resources and their abillities were significantly reduced. It didnt take much time until new bosses were introduced and both cartels re-entered city and started new bloodshed.
War between Cartel de Sinaloa and Los Zetas were even more brutal. Clash of morally flexible Sinaloa and by ex-soldiers and desertes reinforced Los Zetas raised up new wave of violence so that mexican army and federal police had to step in and react again. During the Bloody Summer of 2011 more than 5000 cartels members, civilian, soldiers and police officers were killed in the city and around.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 2012

Cartel Wars are not over, the Sinaloa cartel attacks Los Zetas, there are gunfights audible afterdark and even at daylight. Battle over control reached agricultural areas of Mexico and got intensified.
Clash between Sinaloa and Los Zetas has been taken as an opportunity by two other cartels – Gulf Cartél and Cartél de Tijuana. They didnt take part in cartel war but they used that opportunity to get a foothold and resources instead.
American administration didn´t intervene, they also let the cartels fight each other as well. There are even rumors that CIA withdrew and let the cartels access to weapons and stuff.
CIA and also DEA inaktivity raised questions and resistance within american frontier, in Texas the Texas Rednecks gained silent support by US Border Patrol so they could oversee the borders and time by time conclude hit and run operations on mexican soil to hunt cartels. Other rumor say american SOF are deployed.
On the border crossing Bridge of Americas and also on whole US/Mexico borders there is annual increase of confiscated drugs and weapons in tens of percents.

IMG 20220110 110207iStock 1338143420

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 2015

After years situation is slightly stabilized. Juarez police started work more efficiently when their general has been arrested for smuggling attempt to US of 1 ton of kokaine in trunk of his american car.

Santa Maria de Jarineiro, Mexico, 2018

In 2018 there was a succesfull breakthrough in fight against drugs in the village of Santa Maria de Jarineiro. The pot was biggest cocaine industry in a country. Local mexican security forces are flexible regarding this place. Collection and production of continued a since its location inland the place is hard to find. Rednecks didnt like it but didnt intervene too, waiting for DEA´s even unofficial approval.
Texas Rednecks intensified their intrusions into Mexico aiming cartels. These intrusions are brutal and leaving more and more deads and less drugs behind so even powerfull cartels like Sinaloa and Los Zeats are forced to strike back.

And to this story we have decided to place new game from the legendary Protector event …

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The year before new era of Protector event started. We left Afghanistan and relocated background to US/Mexico borders into El Paso / Ciudad Juárez location. With new scenario we brough also new setting, where we tried to bring new ideas and brand new system. There were good things and also bad things. Game area was new and fresh but also with some unexpected flaws, like single main road only.
To next year we have a lot of new experiences and wisdom, that are a lot of things we have to work on and that the game can be much better. So thank you you came with open mind.
Looking forward El Protector in 2024 and stay with us 😊. 

Number of sold tickets:

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Which parties will take part in the event?


CIA - El Paso division – Closed registrationCIA Logo

CIA takes on war of informatiosn: „… that man says you were talking bad things about mym mother, my mother is no Puta“ and then shots are fired … CIA posses access to backyard rumors and conduts war of infromations with cartels … they tries to limit weapons smuggling from US to Mexico.

● Covert operations in Mexico
● Figthing weapons smuggling from US
● Spying on Juarez cartels (disguise allowed)
● Intel gathering about smuggling from US
● Confiscation of illegal weapons

Outfit regulations:
● Not allowed – Camouflaged uniform, multi colour tactical equipment, helmets
● Mandatory – Black cap, DEA patch (visible)
● Recommended - Civilian outfit, black tactical equipment

800px DEA badge CDEA - El Paso division – Closed registration

DEA, drugs, raids and mandate for operations in Mexico. Highest authority for fighting drugs. DEA prefers non-standard methods to reach their target and cartel rivalry suits their needs. It is public secret that DEA cooperates with rednecks time to time.

● Raids in Mexico against drugs business
● Fighting the cartels and illegal agriculture
● Intel gathering about smuggling from US
● Can enter building using force
● Spying in Mexico (disguise allowed)
● Local mexican forces cooperation, especially with federal police

Outfit regulations:
● Not allowed – Camouflaged uniform, multi colour tactical equipment, helmets
● Mandatory – Black cap, DEA patch (visible)
● Recommended - Civilian outfit, black tactical equipment


FBI – Closed registrationCIA Logo

In the scorching heat of El Paso, the FBI's local branch stands as a bulwark against the rising tide of crime, drugs, and trafficking along the border. Tasked with maintaining order, the team of agents operates in the shadows of the desert city.

As criminal enterprises exploit the Rio Grande for their illicit pursuits, the FBI employs a multifaceted approach to combat the complex challenges. Tactical operations target drug cartels and human traffickers, dismantling their operations with precision. Meanwhile, tech-savvy analysts utilize cutting-edge methods to navigate the digital labyrinth where criminal networks thrive.

Ensuring justice along the border involves more than tactical prowess; it requires upholding the law, regulations and rules that form the bedrock of a just american society. The agents tirelessly navigate a complex legal landscape, adhering to strict protocols and rules while remaining adaptable in the face of evolving threats.

Outfit regulations:
● Forbidden - Camouflaged uniform, helmets
● Mandatory – FBI patch visible
● Recommended -  Blue jacket and cap with FBI patch



US Border patrol
CBP logoDElta

Customs and Border Protection is a group of very consistent border guardsmen. When there is a need of rectal examination to find a kilo of flour these guys can do it! Get off your dress, lay on the ground … every day new people to examine, every day tons of contraband. They are having fun with human ingenuity, especially with smuggling and cocaine.

In 2023 there is a change within the structure of US Border Patrol and US Delta. Now these two groups are placed in one force with centralized command and they will all share the duties of both groups.
In reality it means there is only one party you can join – US Army – and you will conduct both border patrolling and SF tasks.

● Operation of border crossing „Porte Norte“ and „Bridge of Americas“
● Border crossing duties, border wall control
● ID checks at the crossings
● People examination at the crossings, search for contraband
● Suspects detention and interrogation

Outfit regulations:
● Not allowed – Civilian outfit
● Mandatory – Camouflage uniform + US flag
● Recommended - Camouflage uniform + tactical equipment olive / green

iStock 510408272iStock 1138567207


RednecksTexas Rednecks – Closed registration

Noisy music, US and Confederation flags, rough swarwords in spanish, random gunfire, redneck views, more cartel members dead the better it is. Rednecks are ready to do bad things on behalf of US fellas, and they don´t care much, since they can shoot Sinaloa and Los Zetas … and did you hear about Santa Maria de Jarineiro … it´s like El Dorado …

● Home defence – US border patrols
● They hate mexicans, and cartels Sinaloa and Los Zetas especially
● Hit and run raids to Mexico to hunt cartels and quell drugs
● Not allowed to enter buildings, more they hunt in wilderness
● Deported back to US when detained by mexican security forces
● They don´t fight with mexican security forces, their target are cartel members

Outfit regulations:
● Not allowed - Camouflage uniforms, multi colour tactical equipment, helmets
● Mandatory – Civilian outfit + flag of Texas
● Recommended - Jeans trousers, shirts
● Redneck behaviour, noisy music, rough speach (spanish 😊)


American locals – Closed registration

In the vibrant tapestry of El Paso, a group of ambitious American locals, many of Mexican immigrant origin, seeks quick wealth amid the city's dual nature of legitimate and underground opportunities. Drawn into the web of local businesses, they venture into small-scale businesses entangled in the complexities of El Paso's border economy.

As the characters navigate the blurred lines between ambition and consequence, relationships are tested, alliances formed, and betrayals executed. "Ambition in El Paso" paints a brief yet vivid picture of the moral dilemmas faced by those pursuing success in a city where the pursuit of easy money casts unpredictable shadows.

● Mandatory – Civilian outfit of american style
● Forbidden – Camouflage uniform, tactical equipment, helmets



Polícia FederalesFederal

You know those police fellas, they do not fear gunfire inside a city, just a daily business. They go to see the place after it´s over and they just arrest someone. Soon the fella is back on street. He was Pedro´s brother, they won´t arrest this guy, he is in Sinaloa.

● Maintaining peace and order, confiscation of illegal stuff
● Investigations, detention, interrogation and arrests – daily business
● Checkponts, patrols, polismen
● Bridge of Americas border crossing on mexican soil
● Civil operations and undercover

Outfit regulations:
● Not allowed – Camouflage uniform, multi coloured tactical equipment
● Mandatory - Blue shirt, black trousers + policia/police patch
● Recommended - Single coloured tactical equipment, helmets
● Allowed – Civilian clothing

IMG 20220121 131211IMG 20220110 140829IMG 20220110 192205


Cartels of Mexico

● Total 4 cartels
● Control and domination over the koka fields
● Domination over the city and Port Norte and Bridge of Americas border crossings

Carél de Sinaloa – red band

Los Zetas Cartél – green band

GULF Cartél – blue band

Cartél de Tijuana – orange band

Outfit regulations:
● Not allowed – Camouflage uniform, helmets, tactical equipment except chest rigs
● Mandatory – Civilian outfit + cartel band anywhere visible

Sinaloa miniGOLFO ini  Tijuana 2 mini280173706 975035989873253 4428123793784640215 n


Mexican village “Santa Maria de Jarineiro”Jarinero

● Buys as much of alcohol from US as possible, they can´t enter US
● Processing koka into cocain, only party in game able to do so
● Village follows player´s codex
● Village doesnt side with any cartel at the beginning and doesnt interfere with cartel wars

Outfit regulations:
● Not allowed – Camouflage uniform, helmets, tactical equipment except chest rigs
● Mandatory - Hat
● Recommended - Civilian outfit


Zapata Battalion – Closed registrationZapata 2

Originally Free zapatist army, later known at Zapata Rebels, was a group of mexicans fighting for their country and devoted people. They are anti capitalistic and also anti socialists. After achieving significant gains and infulence in 2022 and after complex negotiations Zapatists joined regular Armed forces of Mexico and continue their efforts to quell cartels.

● Local saviours, living and dying for Mexico
● Fights cartels and maintain border integrity

Outfit regulations:
● Not allowed - Helmets
● Mandaotry – Camouflage uniform CZ vz95 + single coloured barret
● Recommended - Tactical equipment


Mexican civilian populationCivilové

Civilians are under pressure both by cartels and also by police. Constant stress, poverty, push, daily deaths transforming mean and women into resilient nationals able to defend and secure their families. Gunfire is standard condition as american cab honk in traffic jam in Dallas. And no one cares. They know about streets at night and its dark mantle. Still there are sanctuaries, but every day less. They need pesos to quell poverty.

● Trying to survive and live their normal and regular lives

Outfit regulations:
● Not allowed – Camouflage uniform, tactical equipment, helmets,
● Mandatory – Civilian outfit
● Recommended - Civilian outfit


If you want to sign up for the parties for which there is registration for invitations, please contact Igor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Operational area: close to Nahlov
Operational area opens: 13.8.2024 at 10:00
Participants registration: 13.8.2024 16:00 - 20:00, 14. - 15.8.2024 10:00 - 20:00
Event begin: 14.8.2024 at 20:00
Event ends: 17.8.2024 at 20:00
Participants under 18 years old are allowed to enter the event with written permission by law guardian only AND in accompany with responsible person above 18 years old.
e.g. participant under 18 years old brings his/her parents´s written permission (we will send a form on request) while his/her responsible person is his/her teamleader above 18 years old.
There will be Game marshalls present at the operation area for the entire duration of the event overseeing compliance to rules and executing its violances. We did test this at last Protector and we got very positive feedback.
We also put importance to participants – all registrations will be subject of authorization.

In addition to the event, we have prepared a little relaxation for you... on Tuesday 13.8. will take place on site before the Protector party, and after the end of the event, on Saturday 17.8., there will be an after-party until the late hours of the morning :-)

Event registration:
from 19.2.2024 to 30.5.2024
CIA, DEA, FBI, Border Patrol, Policia Federales, Texas Rednecks, Zapata Battalion - 60 EUR/person
Mexican cartels, Nuestra familia - 48 EUR/person
Mexican civilian, American civilians - 40 EUR/person
Santa Maria de Jarineiro, Wallmart Supercenter - 24 EUR/person
Payments have to be made to 14 days from registration, this special prices are only for first 300 participants
Payments must be credited to our bank account no later than 15.6.2023

from 1.6.2024 to 15.8.2024
CIA, DEA, FBI, Border Patrol, Policia Federales, Texas Rednecks, Zapata Battalion - 64 EUR/person
Mexican cartels, Nuestra familia - 52 EUR/person
Mexican civilian, American civilians - 44 EUR/person
Santa Maria de Jarineiro, Wallmart Supercenter - 28 EUR/person
Payments must be credited to our bank account no later than 10.8.2024
Additional fee of 4 EUR will be applied for later payments and payment on site.

Starting in 2020 at all our events and based on land-owner strict condition all in-game vehicles will be charged as follows:
- In-game vehicles up to 2,5 ton by 48EUR (e.g. Jeep, Landrover, Rangerover, Toyota Hilux, UAZ, Willis Jeep, Lada Niva, Nissan Patrol)
- In-game vehicles over 2,5 ton by 96EUR (e.g. V3S, Unimog, Tatra)
- In-game armored vehicles (wheeled or tracked) by 242EUR (e.g. T52, OT64, BRDM, BRD, BTR, Pandur)