Protector 15-18.7.2020

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After some dubiety whether to go on with this story line or not we decided to keep it on. So in July in 2020 we will present you the latest part of the legenday airsoft milsim Protector event. And since last two years were symbolized by extensive changes and updates in the game settings we decided this year to work more with the story and playable features. But let´s start with a short flashback what you saw in last two years – we moved the capital from Khas Konar to Sarkani, then we destroyed Khas Konar, we moved the main ISAF base changed physical locations of several other villages, then we introduced new in-game mechanis and we updated many rules. And you saw and you heard our call for your involvement and the Protector XV., the one where we applied these extensive changes, was one of the best. Last year at the Protector XVI. we made some tuning and extended nearly twice the game area into a new province of Paktika.

Total number of 2019 participants was near to 1100.

Anyway, if you are new, here is a global statement describing in general every Protector event since 2010 – villagers, ISAF soldiers, security operatives, agents, afghan police and army, medics, rebels, press teams and other characters and groups meet and collide each other in a huge sandbox airsoft event.

Protector XVI. (2019) video

What´s new in 2020 at the 17th part of the story ?

72 hours long non-interrupted gameplay event full of milsim situations and strong larp elements.

Number of sold tickets:

The Org team is the same with only limited personal changes, and we have experience, stuff and skills to transform it into deep and great adventure of the year.
The story is self developing every year for last 9 years of this story line, but it´s not about just one event. There are 3 events located in the same story and time line in Afghanistan in 2020. In May it´s combat oriented Operation Lizzard (11th part) where two parties are struggling for domination over the area.
And in April it´s Operation Kandahar (3rd part) which is quite similar like the Lizzard but located in different area in a province of the same name – Kandahar.

Do you want to arrive ealier to get well prepared for the event itself ? As always it´s possible … so you can attend pre-event party on Tuesday evening in Sarkani 😊. And then you can attend after-event party on Saturday event again in Sarkani.
For fair play and your safety there are game marshalls available during the game time. They are battle tested and proven by their functionality. They are authorized to oversee regulations and violations.

Every single registration goes through are authorization process. Yes, you read properly .. every single registration has to be authorized us. So we filter.

What is LARP ?
A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters' actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world, while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules, or determined by consensus among players. Event arrangers called gamemasters decide the setting and rules to be used and facilitate play.
Source - Wikipedia Prostor 2

Here are specific parties´ description and details:

ISAF - Combined Joint Task Force 82
Strong coalition of proven and combat-hardened teams led by skilled command constructs and man up base of operations and airport in Zabul and commences preparations for international forces withdrawal.
All the members of ISAF will be accomodated in military tents in Fort Protector 2.
These services are available on site – chemical toilletes, potable water, power generators and other various tents for ISAF personell.
Recon teams
Eyes and ears, that´s what the recon teams stand for. These teams are dispatched within the first minutes of operation and they stay there for hours even days. The result of the operation stands and falls how succesfull the recon teams are in gathering vital informations. These teams work in 2 or 3 men sections and their primary mission is collecting intel. Not a job for everyone, but if you find this kind of job enjoying do not hesitate and join the recon.
Please note you will be required to attend the recon teams training not later than two months prior the operation itself.
ISAF outfit regulations regulations
Recommended: desert camouflage or multi-cam uniform, helmet, body armor
Required: complete camouflage uniform


Zabul´s insurgency is based on islamic fundamental militia groups. Their only target is to evict foreign citizens and infidels out of their country, while their subsidiary target is to restore Islamic caliphate. Their mission could be met by faith preaching, helping  villagers, terrorizing  villagers, population weaponizing, attacking the ISAF and local government forces and preventing reconstruction works. At the very beginning of the game time the group will count 100 fighters top. You can´t register yourself with this group, you can only join the group during the game time.
Insurgents outfit regulations
Camouflage uniforms are strictly forbidden
Combat vests and military equipment are strictly forbidden
Civilian outfit of afghani/arab type is allowed

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Afghan villagers
There are several villages and town in the province of Zabul. Every village has its own in-game elements like restaurant/buffet, theatre, post office and other services. Town will be acting like local social and economic hub including police station, restaurant, main mosque, governor´s office and other in-game elements. Some of these services are supplied and manned by the orgs still there is a lot of free spots for you, our participants, to improve the atmosphere by your fantasy and agility. 
Villagers outfit regulations:
Mandatory - afghan/arab civilian clothes
Forbidden – camouflaged uniforms

The Governor and his Guard
Afghan government executive force in Zabul. The Governor establishes his office and supporting services and in cooperation with ANA and ANP maintain peace and order.
He is also representing the government of Afghanistan in relation with the ISAF forces, however he posses no jurisdiction over the international forces his consent with the ISAF operations and inspections is necessary.
The Governor leads and inffluences whole province.
Guard outfit regulations:
Mandatory – afghan/arab civilian clothes / Governor´s Guad ID
Recommended – black beret
Allowed – tactical and military equipment
Forbidden – camouflaged uniforms

Protector XVI

Afghan National Police - ANP
The police force changed a lot since 2018 and recruitment is open. Do you find yourself interested in ensuring peace and order ? Then get yourself involved. The ANP works together with the Governor´s office and the ANA.
ANP outfit regulations:
Mandatory – black or blue trousers, blue shirt, black or blue cap
Recommended – black body armor, black helmet

Afghan National Army – ANA
Since 2014 the ANA made a lot of succesful steps forward. The Corps mission accomplishment rate is high and the ANA became natural part of the game. The recruitment proces is now open for the 2019 seasson with the Corps divided into four categories (militia, infanftry, commandos, special forces).
Assigment and equipment differs accordingly. The ANA works together with the Governor and with the Afghan National Police and is located at two smaller bases of operations.
ANA outfit regulations:
Mandatory – afghan flag on uniform
Mandatory – militia (olive uniform), infantry (woodland, helmet), commandos (woodland, body armor, helmet), special forces (multicam, body armor)

They are regular participants, they can be shot or detained. They are allowed to interfere within the event and to share intel collected during the game time or before. They can be also loyal with the ISAF or rebels.
Of course they might be denied to enter various in-game locations (base gate, village, etc.)
PRESS outfit regulations
Mandatory – colourdull clothes, pocket trousers, etc -> rather wester type of clothes
Recommended – body armor, helmet

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Operational area: CTA Sveborice, Nove Dvory, close to Mimon (
Operational area opens: 14.7.2020 at 10:00
Participants registration: 14.7.2020 16:00 - 20:00, 15. - 17.7.2020 10:00 - 20:00
Event begin: 15.7.2020 at 20:00
Event ends: 18.7.2020 at 20:00
Participants under 18 years old are allowed to enter the event with written permission by law guardian only AND in accompany with responsible person above 18 years old.
e.g. participant under 18 years old brings his/her parents´s written permission (we will send a form on request) while his/her responsible person is his/her teamleader above 18 years old.
There will be Game marshalls present at the operation area for the entire duration of the event overseeing compliance to rules and executing its violances. We did test this at last Protector and we got very positive feedback.
We also put importance to participants – all registrations will be subject of authorization.

Event registration:
from 1.1.2020 to 31.3.2020
Afgan villagers - 26 EUR/person
PRESS - 30 EUR/person
ANP, The Governor and his Guard - 34 EUR/person
ISAF, ANA, Insurgent - 42 EUR/person
Payments have to be made to 14 days from registration, this special prices are only for first 300 participants
Payments must be credited to our bank account no later than 14.4.2020

from 1.4.2020 to 15.7.2020
Afgan villagers - 30 EUR/person
PRESS - 34 EUR/person
ANP, The Governor and his Guard - 38 EUR/person
ISAF, ANA, Insurgents - 46 EUR/person
Payments must be credited to our bank account no later than 14.7.2020
Additional fee of 4 EUR will be applied for payment on site.

Starting in 2020 at all our events and based on land-owner strict condition all in-game vehicles will be charged as follows:
- In-game vehicles up to 2,5 ton by 48EUR (e.g. Jeep, Landrover, Rangerover, Toyota Hilux, UAZ, Willis Jeep, Lada Niva, Nissan Patrol)
- In-game vehicles over 2,5 ton by 96EUR (e.g. V3S, Unimog, Tatra)
- In-game armored vehicles (wheeled or tracked) by 242EUR (e.g. T52, OT64, BRDM, BRD, BTR, Pandur)

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