Protector XX. - El Protector - 12-15.7.2023




Dear players, comrades, friends...
The year 2023 is coming and also a new part of the El Protector game. We are aware of the shortcomings of last year and we believe that we will be able to fix them and to improve the game further.
el protector 2022 228Since this is a newly created theme and whatmore a unique theme within our regular Afghanistan-based events, we would like to thank everyone who joined us last year, in an uncertain time and very much at last minute, actively involved their costumes, vehicles and many other equipment, including your ideas and creating a completely unique universe of your own on the Mexican-American border. In the upcoming edition, we have incorporated your feedback and comments, such as:
One of the important comments was ticket price. At this point, it is necessary to mention that we are also facing increasing costs (e.g. rentals, technical support, etc.), which significantly affect all parts of the games and its preprations. With the new setting last year we weren't sure how it would attract you and that's why we set the price flat for all participants. For this year, we determined the ticket price for each party based on expected support in terms of technical equipment and time consumption.
The second important comment from the community was the game area and its inappropriate layout. Even at this point, we have done our best to improve the game as much as possible, and we are coming with a partially new game area that we have prepared for El Protector. We are sure you will like it.
And the last but not least feedback was the unfinished game settings. We pay a lot of attention to settings´ improvement and we work on many adjustments. You know it is our common practice to set our games according to reality, however it is necessary to take into account that in order to work out well some settings must be adapted to the fact that the game is "only" 72 hours long.
Because we make the game for you, for friends and the whole community that attends Airsoftwars events. We believe you will like these improvements, you will not see any fails and together we will enjoy the game in 2023 and with the overlap of the scenario to El Protector in 2024 we will make these 2 years unforgettable.

News in 2023…

After the events last year, we carried the results into this year's sequel…
Despite the fact that DEA seized a record amount of drugs last year, the drug business is still thriving, and in addition to fields of coca and processed cocaine there is poppy appearing, from which poor civilians make tasty poppy cakes, which they try to sell and make money for living. The more skilled ones make heroin in liquid form, which fetches more pesos than cakes. This situation is exploited by cartels, who fight among themselves for yield, because the buyout prices in the US are good, especially at Walmart in El Paso. The energetically critical year 2022 resulted in a huge inflation in Mexico, and the National Bank started printing banknotes of higher value keeping the validity of last year´s money.
294678840 5712276228791070 9032244446321104193 nNew gang comes to town, they are called Nuestra Familia and they practice their own rules, which some disagree with, but the people who disagreed were never seen again. Their presence in the city will have a significant impact on the already chaotic environment. The Policia Federáles and the Policia Municipal were merged by the Mexican government into one group due to the upcoming national elections so to ensure security. The Police of Mexico, which now holds both the functions and duties of the federal and municipal police. The next security step of the Mexican government is to find common ground on the future of the country with the Zapatista rebels and their subsequent integration into the Mexican armed forces. New Zapata´s battalion, together with the police, will provide security for Saturday's election of candidates for the 2024 national elections.
Cartels, in order to expand their power, try to get enough funds and influence in order to get their member to be an election candidate - such an opportunity is not offered to cartels very often, and the advantages that their candidate and the theoretically elected president would have are very tempting for them. Civilians are still on their own, trying to feed their community, but unfortunately thanks to the current crisis and inflation and despite their efforts they are still very poor in wealth, but rich in their Mexican spirit.
Changes on the American side will also bring big ones, especially the armed forces have undergone a significant reform. The US Border Patrol is now merged with the US Delta Force under the new formation of the US Army. As part of the optimization of millitary spending, the US Army, DEA and CIA are now located at one joint base of operations. Fort Bliss is one of the largest bases at homeland, and the U.S. hopes to improve efficiency with the fight against the drug corridor from Mexico. Due to the upcoming elections and the cartels´ power the US and Mexican governments formed a unique agreement where the US Army units serving at the Fort Bliss base of operations were given a mandate for a rescue and support operations on Mexican soil. The former revolutionaries from the Zapatista battalion of the Mexican army do not completely agree with this step and refuse to cooperate with the Americans in their operations, but they do not interfere with each other. Near El Paso, Texas, a new village called the City of the Sun was established, where the Texas Rednecks settled. City of the Sun is very strategically located near a couple of illegal trails and off the center. Here, Texas Rednecks live their dream full of guns, alcohol, tobacco and sex.
And more 😊


IMG 20220110 110358 XIMG 20220110 110358 X

Mexico, Ciudad Juarez, 2006

Situation in the region is chaotic, country has serious troubles with corruption, drug cartels, violence and powerty. Mexican government and president of the country declared war – new special detachments within the boundaries of Ciduad Juarez are organized, the Policia Federál and Policia Municipal. City is now under siege with heavy clashes between security forces and drug cartels every day to restore order, elimiate violence and improve well being of citizens.
This special approach is strongly supported by the US government and after vital negotiations between the two countries Mexico granted full operation mandate to DEA and CIA on mexican soil. Rumors are there are also US SOF covered by the mandate. US administration actively cooperated with mexican government to reach drug cartels with undercover agents so they were able to limit drugs smuggling (DEA) and weapons from States to Mexico (CIA). Also US Border Patrol was significantly reinforced both in jurisdiction and ranks. Support also grew in largest american state of Texas.
Despite all the efforts of security forces of both american states there was pike increase of violence resulting in decrease of local population quality of life which led to increase of sympathisers with then powerfull cartels.
Nevertheless, development and involvement of United States marked the onset of change in former order for next decade.
G.W.Bush, the Wartime president, is now in control of the US administration and since the ongoing War on Terror his possibilities of financing are unlimited..

800px DEA badge CiStock 913549340

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 2009

Three years of fighting between mexican security forces suppored by US personel brought bitter and bloody success. In June 2009 combined mexican and american forces managed to detain leaders of two biggest cartels. This long awaited and need victory is also celebrated by texan group called Texas Rednecks.
Detained Joaquin Guzman from Sinaloa and Miguel Tervíno from Los Zetas were court-marshalled and given death penalty. Both cartels suffered huge by security forces assaults and activities and lost immersive quantity of resources and their abillities were significantly reduced. It didnt take much time until new bosses were introduced and both cartels re-entered city and started new bloodshed.
War between Cartel de Sinaloa and Los Zetas were even more brutal. Clash of morally flexible Sinaloa and by ex-soldiers and desertes reinforced Los Zetas raised up new wave of violence so that mexican army and federal police had to step in and react again. During the Bloody Summer of 2011 more than 5000 cartels members, civilian, soldiers and police officers were killed in the city and around.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 2012

Cartel Wars are not over, the Sinaloa cartel attacks Los Zetas, there are gunfights audible afterdark and even at daylight. Battle over control reached agricultural areas of Mexico and got intensified.
Clash between Sinaloa and Los Zetas has been taken as an opportunity by two other cartels – Gulf Cartél and Cartél de Tijuana. They didnt take part in cartel war but they used that opportunity to get a foothold and resources instead.
American administration didn´t intervene, they also let the cartels fight each other as well. There are even rumors that CIA withdrew and let the cartels access to weapons and stuff.
CIA and also DEA inaktivity raised questions and resistance within american frontier, in Texas the Texas Rednecks gained silent support by US Border Patrol so they could oversee the borders and time by time conclude hit and run operations on mexican soil to hunt cartels. Other rumor say american SOF are deployed.
On the border crossing Bridge of Americas and also on whole US/Mexico borders there is annual increase of confiscated drugs and weapons in tens of percents.

IMG 20220110 110207iStock 1338143420

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 2015

After years situation is slightly stabilized. Juarez police started work more efficiently when their general has been arrested for smuggling attempt to US of 1 ton of kokaine in trunk of his american car.

Santa Maria de Jarineiro, Mexico, 2018

In 2018 there was a succesfull breakthrough in fight against drugs in the village of Santa Maria de Jarineiro. The pot was biggest cocaine industry in a country. Local mexican security forces are flexible regarding this place. Collection and production of continued a since its location inland the place is hard to find. Rednecks didnt like it but didnt intervene too, waiting for DEA´s even unofficial approval.
Texas Rednecks intensified their intrusions into Mexico aiming cartels. These intrusions are brutal and leaving more and more deads and less drugs behind so even powerfull cartels like Sinaloa and Los Zeats are forced to strike back.

And to this story we have decided to place new game from the legendary Protector event …

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Last year new era of Protector event started. We left Afghanistan and relocated background to US/Mexico borders into El Paso / Ciudad Juárez location. With new scenario we brough also new setting, where we tried to bring new ideas and brand new system. There were good things and also bad things. Game area was new and fresh but also with some unexpected flaws, like single main road only.
To next year we have a lot of new experiences and wisdom, that are a lot of things we have to work on and that the game can be much better. So thank you you came with open mind.
Looking forward El Protector in 2023 and stay with us 😊. 

Which parties will take part in the event?


US ArmyCBP logoDElta

Mandatory outfit: Camouflage uniform + US flag
Recommended equipment: Camouflage uniform - multicam, woodland, OD
Prohibited elements: Civilian clothing
Capacity: 200
Location: USA, Fort Bliss base
Registration: Open to the public

After the events in July 2022 the US Border Patrol and US Delta Force, formerly operating independently, are merged under one US Army dettachment. This enables both Border Patrol and Delta Force to share their duties and responsibilities. Under new joint command both branches are assigned at the Fort Bliss base of operations. Now they have the ability to face new situation and challenges by means of recon operations in Mexico, national border patrols, border corssings Bridge of Americas and Port Norte operations and/or rescue and support operations on mexican soil.
US forces have mandate issued by mexican government so they can fully concentrate on their new goals.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.


800px DEA badge CDEA

Mandatory outfit: Black caps, DEA logo visible
Recommended equipment: Civilian outfit + black tactical equipment
Prohibited items: Camouflage patterns, multi-colored tactical gear, helmets
Capacity: 70
Headquarters: USA, Fort Bliss
Registration: Non public

Despite the efforts of the El Paso DEA the ammount of drugs getting from Mexico to the US is not going down. Because of upcoming elections the situation in Mexico is unstable making the job of DEA not easier. Whatmore, in addition to cocaine there is another drug emerging – heroin. Thus the Agency is under heavy pressure by the US Government. Unfortunately their opponents from cartels are even more inventive when it comes to drugs than in previous years so their job is everything but not easy. According the US Gov. statement the cooperation amongts all the agencies and branches is necesssary with main goal to limit the quantity of drugs smuggled in the US.
Because of the main goal to fight the drugs the DEA´s mandate is broad and covers whole Mexico.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.



Mandatory outfit: Civilian outfit
Recommended equipment: Civilian oufit
Prohibited items: Camouflage patterns, tactical equipment
Capacity: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Registration: Non public

Is there anything the CIA doesn't have a hand in? Such cases are very rare. The elections in Mexico are no exception, and the CIA´s main goal is the elections results to turn out the way they want to. CIA´s undercover agents operating in Mexico is to identify wanted persons and to terminate them. Besides other things they posses a few of mandates allowing them to perform their role quite effectively.
No one can be sure whether his neighbor or perhaps his wife are CIA operatives and whether by them collected informations are vital or not for US operations.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.

WalmartWalmart Supercentre

Mandatory outfit: Single color shirt + stetson-style hat
Recommended outfit: American style smart cassual
Prohibited items: Camouflage patterns, tactical equipment
Capacity: 20
Location: USA, El Paso, Texas
Registration: Non public

Anything you need to sell, either bulk or liquid, either legal or illegal, your home production or not or you simply need to buy to Mexico imported stuff you need to go to Walmart in El Paso. There you will see and meet skilled american traders (with mexican ancestry). They are also there to trade all mexican local exotic goods. Of course they are wanted, there are crowds willing to do business with these Gringos so you will have to be patient staying in a queue. But that is understandable, they like proper and fair bussiness so Walmart pays same attention to every customer. It is really an incredible place so if you are wealthy and money mean no problem you can get anythign you want there to make your living in Mexico comfortable – powerfull cars, weapons of all types (anti-tank, AR-15, AK) and so on. Believe or not, Walmart and its businessmen are good to keep in your favor. So don´t forget relations make business.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.


Mandatory outfit: Civilian outfit + Flag of Texas
Recommended outfit: Jeans
Prohibited items: Camouflage patterns, multi-colored tactical gear, helmets
Capacity: 50
Location: USA, City of the Sun
Registration: Non public

City of the Sun, a center of residents with the spirit of the Southern Cross and headstrong attitudes to the current issue of the drug corridor. Under their flags and their own principles, they live in their possession, which is supposed to symbolize the hope of a safer tomorrow, without drugs and lousy Mexicans. The group is now also operating in the american desert, which is known as "No Man's Land", where they are very happy to organize depraved hunts for Mexicans who try to cross the border. They have free reign there and nobody really cares what happens out there. Their hate on drugs that flood the American South is very significant and has grown into a fanatical intolerance of anything Mexican - the US belongs to americans, the immigrant filth has no business in the US. Texas Rednecks are characterized by their passion for all american things, from Coca-Cola to burgers to AR-15s, they don't save on ammo, and shooting and unsecured guns are as common in this town as sex and booze and partying, where the Jack Daniels Tennesses wihskey flows. Rednecks are a very unpredictable group where one cannot be sure of anything as they are guided by their feelings and mood.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.





Mandatory outfit: Civilian outfit
Recommended outfit: Civilian outfit
Prohibited items: Camouflage patterns, tactical equipment, helmets
Capacity: Unlimited
Location: Mexico, El Grande Ciudad de Santa Asmaro
Registration: Open to the public

Residents, vendors, merchants, bartenders in their clubs and all in all quite ordinary people trying to survive in today's chaotic times. Civilians mainly live in Ciudad Juaréz because of the city's wealth and open opportunities, however a small group choose to live in a village of El Grande Ciudad de Santa Asmaro. This grandiose name is far from reflecting the reality and the village is actually less numerous and poor. Civilians are trying to earn Pesos in any honest way, and the upcoming elections mean for them an important opportunity to vote for their candidate and change things. Civilians rely on Mexican traditions and are proud of their history, when the country once flourished before it was pillaged by cartels and used as a corridor for drugs from Guatemala and Honduras.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.

Mexican cartels

Mandatory outfit: Mexican-style civilian outfit + colored scarf according to specific cartel affiliation
Recommended outfit: Civilian outfit
Prohibited items: Camouflage patterns, helmets, tactical gear, only chestrigs can be used
Capacity: 400 (4 cartels 100 members each)
Location: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Registration: Public

Sinaloa miniGOLFO ini  Tijuana 2 mini280173706 975035989873253 4428123793784640215 n

Ciudad Juaréz is home for 4 cartels (Carél de Sinaloa, Los Zetas Cartél, GULF Cartél and Cartél de Tijuana). Each cartel is assigned their own city district with a central tent.
Cartel members strives to complete tasks for their cartel even against others so their cartel itself grows in power. Cartel members are not fans of strangers within boundaries of their district. Strangers may disappear easily since respective cartel city district is their sovereign territory over which they can fight each other. Each cartel´s main goal is accumulation of funds and electoral influence so they are able to present their own candidacy run for the President. Cartels also compete each other over poppy and coca fields. The one who controls more than the others gets a lot of money. And money mean power.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.

Nuestra FamiliaNuestra Familia

Mandatory outfit: Mexican-style civilian outfit
Recommended outfit: Civilian outfit
Prohibited items: Camouflage patterns, helmets, tactical gear, only chestrigs can be used
Capacity: 100
Location: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Registration: Non public

Nuestra Familia (Our Family in spanish) is a criminal organization of mexican-american prison gangs from northern California. In Ciudad Juaréz, their main income is criminal activity within the city and they are one of the few who know smuggling routes to the US. It is unknown why the came to Juaréz. It is only well known they quickly acquired their own city district. There are rumors it may be related to upcoming elections. Nuestra Familia is strongly organized and it´s closed society. Ther income is not known but expected not to be legal. Becoming a member of this gang is not a piece of cake, non-experienced (by means of time spent in prison and with criminal history) applicants rarely succeed.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.

Policia MexicoFederal

Mandatory outfit: Blue shirt, black pants, single colored tactical gear + Police badge
Recommended gear: Single colored tactical gear, helmets
Prohibited elements: Camouflage patterns, multi-colored tactical equipment
Capacity: 70
Location: Police base, Mexico/US border, Ciudad Juaréz
Registration: Public

There were Polícia Federáles and Policia Municipal. These two branches of local law enforcement were merged into one – now it is Policia Mexico, which posses duties and responsibilities of both former branches. It means their powers are now more broad. Surely with more power more duties come. They deal with illegal weapons, both real and imaginery crimes, issue permits and do road checks. If necessary they cooperate with americans including prisoners extradiction to US when asked for. Their main goal are fair candidacy elections and their smooth progress. Policia Mexico is responsible for mexican side of the border and in cooperation with US they can supervise full lenght of mexican border.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.

JarineroSanta Maria de Jarineiro

Mandatory outfit: Mexican-style civilian outfit + sombrero-style hat
Recommended outfit: Civilian outfit
Prohibited items: Camouflage patterns, helmets, tactical gear, only chestrigs can be used
Capacity: unknown
Location: Somewhere in Mexico
Registration: Non public

Mystical village deep in mexican wildlands. Inhabitants are well known for their truculence and hard work. There are rumors they can good in cooking for a few coins. They follow their own unwritten laws and that they enforce it within the boundaries of their village. They love Mexico and its history and values above all.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.

Zapata 2Zapata Battalion

Mandatory outfit: Camo vz.95 + one-colored berets
Recommended equipment: Tactical equipment
Prohibited items: Helmets
Capacity: 50
Location: Somewhere in Mexico
Registration: Non public

Zapata Battalion, a newly formed party born during decades of rebellions fightin for common people. They were zapatist rebels in past however after the events of 2022 they joined the Mexican army as an independent battalion maintaining peace and order in Juaréz and around. They fight with weapons trafficing and drugs smuggling. Zapatists are not corrupted as much as others but still they are mexicans. They dislike Texas Rednecks and they are not happy with Nuestra Familia arrival in Mexico too. The elections are seen by the Battalion as an opprotunity for change so they cooperate with local Policia Mexico to ensure a smooth and fair elections process.
Detailed objectives and description can be found in the Gamebook.

Number of sold tickets:

 iStock 175368611


Operational area: close to Mimon
Operational area opens: 11.7.2023 at 10:00
Participants registration: 11.7.2023 16:00 - 20:00, 12. - 14.7.2023 10:00 - 20:00
Event begin: 12.7.2023 at 20:00
Event ends: 15.7.2023 at 20:00
Participants under 18 years old are allowed to enter the event with written permission by law guardian only AND in accompany with responsible person above 18 years old.
e.g. participant under 18 years old brings his/her parents´s written permission (we will send a form on request) while his/her responsible person is his/her teamleader above 18 years old.
There will be Game marshalls present at the operation area for the entire duration of the event overseeing compliance to rules and executing its violances. We did test this at last Protector and we got very positive feedback.
We also put importance to participants – all registrations will be subject of authorization.
We also put importance to participants – all registrations will be subject of authorization.

In addition to the event, we have prepared a little relaxation for you... on Tuesday 11.7. will take place on site before the Protector party, and after the end of the event, on Saturday 15.7., there will be an after-party until the late hours of the morning :-)

Event registration:
from 1.1.2023 to 30.5.2023
CIA, DEA, US SOF, Border Patrol, Policia Municipal, Policia Federal, Texas Rednecks, Zapata Rebels - 50 EUR/person
Mexické kartely - 40 EUR/person
Mexické civilní obyvatelstvo - 32 EUR/person
Santa Maria de Jarineiro - 20 EUR/person
Payments have to be made to 14 days from registration, this special prices are only for first 300 participants
Payments must be credited to our bank account no later than 15.6.2023

More than 300 tickets for this event are already sold !

from 1.6.2023 to 11.7.2023
CIA, DEA, US SOF, Border Patrol, Policia Municipal, Policia Federal, Texas Rednecks, Zapata Rebels - 50 EUR/person
Mexické kartely - 44 EUR/person
Mexické civilní obyvatelstvo - 36 EUR/person
Santa Maria de Jarineiro - 24 EUR/person
Payments must be credited to our bank account no later than 30.6.2022
Additional fee of 4 EUR will be applied for later payments and payment on site.

Starting in 2020 at all our events and based on land-owner strict condition all in-game vehicles will be charged as follows:
- In-game vehicles up to 2,5 ton by 48EUR (e.g. Jeep, Landrover, Rangerover, Toyota Hilux, UAZ, Willis Jeep, Lada Niva, Nissan Patrol)
- In-game vehicles over 2,5 ton by 96EUR (e.g. V3S, Unimog, Tatra)
- In-game armored vehicles (wheeled or tracked) by 242EUR (e.g. T52, OT64, BRDM, BRD, BTR, Pandur)