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BULLET final mini

After a while we decided to refresh our Project Bullet serie of events of small teams´ special forces missions within our regular events. BULLET members attend these events completing their tasks with mostly none relations to main event course which acts the role of scenery only.

Last year we came up with an idea for fans of small teams´ operations and this year we put this idea live … you can see bellow, the DARK DAWN - Special Forces event on 4.-6.9.2015. Aimed and concentrated at special operations in unknown environment only selected teams were invited who we are certain about their focus with that kind of operations.

At the end the total number of participants was 41 from Czech rep. and Germany spanning 36 hours of gameplay.

With regards to feedback we got there are similar specops events planned in a future.

Are you interested in that kind of missions ? Then do not hesitate and let us know. In case we know you and we are certain of your skills you will get an invitation. In any other case you will have to pass the selection process.


Now let´s see the story …

Set in the Dark Dawn world, near future.

The TWC corporation presses on the Future Forces project development firstly combat introduced in Autumn 2021. Soon the TWC´s research labs were compromised and relocation out of the Ireland was necessary. Its exact location is presumed only by the SAFE and US forces.

Provizorní štáb TWC

TWC´s temporary headquarters


At the beginning of September a transport plane departed off a secret research lab carrying new prototypes of Future Forces project suits to Dublin. Enroute to Ireland it came under attack by US Air Force and was heavily damaged despite strong air cap provided by Free Ireland air force. Pilots made an emergency landing on one of uninhabitated islands southwest of Bissau.

US Special Forces, SAFE and also TWC´s elite mercs are enroute to the island. Their mission is simple … to gather as much of plane´s cargo and TWC´s weapons projects intel.

Main objectives:
- Black box aquisition
- Weapon systems aquisition
- EZ occupation and shipping components of the island

Secondary objectives:
- Enemy commander elimination
- Enemy documents and technical equipment

DD-SF mapa 

SAFE forces landed on TANGO and LIMA on 050001ASEP15. Their very first mission was to reach rendezvous point ZULU. Then the next part of the mission was to reach NOVEMBER area where most of the plane´s debris were located. The  TWC landing party got in touch with plane´s survining crew first then they headed to scout the area of emergency landing for enemy activity.


First shots were fired at around 050030ASEP15 close to X-RAY where SAFE got by an ambush suffering minor wounds only. Regrouped they hit hard and a brief firefight ambushing TWC forces were overrun. Soon in the early morning hours both SAFE landing parties succesfully reached and met at ZULU and initiated course heading to NOVEMBER. Enroute to NOVEMBER several contacts with enemies were reported with two firefights resulting in defeating TWC forces in both cases. Fortunately for the TWC one of their retrieval teams found and transport new air-to-ground missile to temporary headquarters south of UNIFORM.


From the midday and after the balance of force and skirmishes started turning to TWC, but still the TWC was unable to recover another precious cargo other than the one recovered in the morning. On the other hand the SAFE landing party succesfully found and collected plane´s black box and new technology of artillery shell.

During the night the SAFE forces revealed and approached TWC´s temporary headquarters but were unsuccesfull in taking the base over.

DD-SF PES tracks

Near the end of operation some survining SAFE soldiers tried to secure the extraction zone and to lift retriever items off the island but the TWC found that out and intervened. Unforunately the SAFE forces were unable to react and the extraction was unsuccesfull.


In the course of given conditions and missions the SAFE landing party was more succesfull completing 40% of missions. On the other hand the TWC landing party accomplished 25% of their missions only.

vyhodnocení Special Forces