The team behind Airsoftwars is deep in this hobby/life style for more than 25 years by now.
We are creators and co-creators of some of the most ambitioius, most extensive and most complex airsoft events in Europe. For the duration of our event association we already held more than 50 spoken events.
Top level background, in-game support, local authorities contruction, well prepared scenario connected with real global conflicts and theatres – that´s what we are distinguished for.
Between 2013 and 2019 we were also nominated in THE AIRSOFT PLAYER´S CHOICE AWARDS contest and thanks to your support we made it amongst TOP 5 in three categories.
We mean it and we are serious in what we do ! Come and see by yourself !

Riggs a Igor


Yet already mentioned above it is right to underline we do not work alone and without help of many other people and our friends it would be simply not possible to hold this kind of event we make. Together with our crew we usually arrive few days before it all starts so we can prepare and set up everything. And then during the game time we take care of your safety and enjoyable stay. We check rules but still we do not interfere with the game much so it can evolve independently of us. And then when it´s all over we clean up everything so we can come back next year.
We try to do our events as best as possible so you can have a lot of fun and memories. And you liked it we are hearing 😊.
But to be honest, without you and your efforts we would fail in the end. So even you all can add.

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